IB Roof Systems uses its best efforts to find only the finest roofing contractors to be considered in becoming a member of the IB Team. We then work with the installer on their first roofing project. IB Roof Systems has found that this type of training is better than classroom training. IB Roof Systems wants you to feel good when you hire an authorized IB Roof Systems contractor on your roofing project. This being said, IB Roof Systems cannot Guarantee, Warrant, or Represent the Contractor, or their workmanship.

These contractors become our customers and our friends. We also have a referral program where you can request an estimate and we will send the referral to at least two, no more than three local contractors. There are certain criteria we use to determine that a contractor can be placed on our customer referral program.

We require them to:

  • Have an open, active and current account with IB Roof Systems
  • Have a positive working relationship with IB Roof Systems
  • Be responsive with immediate follow-up on any IB Roof Systems Referrals
  • Notify IB Roof Systems immediately, whenever they're too busy to follow up on an IB Roof Systems Referral
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